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They shine at halftime

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We celebrate big screen's most inspirational coachesBy Frank PaivaSpecial to MSN MoviesIf you're the parent of a young athlete, there are many ways to volunteer for your child's team. You can wash sweaty uniforms. You can cut hundreds of carrot sticks for healthy halftime snacks. You can transport players 30 miles out of town to battle that weird religious school that snuck their way into the league.But some parents go a step further than just helping out the team or cheering from the stands. Some parents take it upon themselves to coach. Whether they want to relive their youthful glory, ensure their offspring a starting position, or just genuinely love the game is hard to say. An honest parent would probably tell you it's a mixture of all three. George Dryer has an even better reason. A former soccer star whose son is learning the game, George has discovered a terrific fringe benefit to parental involvement: Hot, single moms. They populate the sidelines in "Playing for Keeps," a new romantic comedy starring Gerard Butler as the opportunistic lothario. Bing: More about famous movie coaches | More on 'Playing for Keeps'Want more Movies? Be sure to like MSN Movies on Facebook and follow MSN Movies Twitter.(FilmDistrict)
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