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Time Off

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With the release of 'Looper,' rediscover 10 timeless movies about time travel By Glenn Kenny Special to MSN MoviesIn the innovative, bracing sci-fi thriller "Looper," Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a living-for-kicks assassin who's managed to rationalize an appalling existence in which he's someday going to be obliged to kill his future self. Confused yet? It gets more interesting: His future self, played by Bruce Willis, has other ideas. Don't worry; this twisty, twisted time-travel scenario is told very deftly by writer-director Rian Johnson, so there's no way you'll miss a trick. And even if you do, that's what second viewings are good for. The best time-travel movies always reward multiple visits. On the next 10 pages, 10 movies represent a particular evolution of the genre. Bing: Watch a trailer for 'Looper' | See images from 'Looper'"Looper" opens Sept. 28.For more movie news, follow MSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter.(Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Looper"/©Sony Pictures)
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