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Top 10 made-for-TV-movie performances

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It's almost a shame these TV movies had to be nominated for an Emmy instead of an Oscar By Corey Levitan Special to MSN TVSize matters, at least screen-wise. A bigger screen usually means better movies, movies that don't star Valerie Bertinelli or tell the Amy Fisher story. But every once in a rare while, a made-for-TV performance so overshoots the expected quality mark that it's almost a shame to have to nominate it for an Emmy instead of an Oscar. Based on early reviews, Al Pacino's role in HBO's "Phil Spector" qualifies. Here's our list of the others. Bing: More about Al Pacino | 'Phil Spector'What's your favorite made-for-TV movie? Connect and sound off on Facebook and Twitter"Phil Spector" premieres Sunday, March 24, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.(HBO)
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