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'Toy Story 3' Stills

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Don't even get me started on the glasses. I believe we had the commonplace model that costs about 65 cents to make, according to the New York Times. Anyway, the cheap glasses fall down Timmy's nose every time, which makes him fuss, which frankly, I don't need any more of. Max likes them because he thinks they make him look like Clark Kent. But that's Max; kind of a freak. They make my eldest, Mallory, sick to her stomach, which explains why I can't tell you when Gru turned the corner to being a good guy, because we were in the bathroom discussing whether or not she really needed to throw up or just wanted to. I personally hate the glasses. I think about the landfills. I know the theaters say they take them away and clean them and repackage them for the next customer, but since the people they employ to clean the bathrooms don't seem to know how to change a roll of toilet paper, I'm skeptical about the energy they'll expend to save the environment. Also, it's easy to forget, when you're walking out of the theater in a daze, disoriented by the cost of your entertainment experience and the number of explosions you've had to experience at a proximity similar to what the poor soldiers in Iraq are going through on a daily basis, that your child is not wont to recycling and is, in fact, going to continue to clutch those glasses in his/her hands until you get to the mini van. At which point they will doubtless end up underfoot, crushed and useless to anyone soon enough. Except Max, who has about five pairs tucked into the corner of his big boy bed, along with his Superman cape. ('Toy Story 3'/Walt Disney Pictures / PIXAR ANIMATION)
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