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True gearheads

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With the release of 'Robocop,' we look back on our favorite movie robotsBy Frank PaivaRobots are a genre movie staple. Sometimes they're taking over the world. Sometimes they're yearning to be human. Practical technology will never catch up to movie magic, and that's probably a good thing. As cinema history shows, sophisticated artificial intelligence has a long track record of anti-human behavior. The same robot could be helping an old lady cross the street one minute and scavenging her brain for useful tissue the next. To celebrate the release and remake of "Robocop," here are some of movie's most memorable robots. Bing: More about 'Robocop'"Robocop" is out in theaters Friday, Feb. 14.Who is your favorite movie robot? Tell us on our MSN Movies Facebook page and on Twitter. (Columbia Pictures) 
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