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TV’s Most Mind-Bending Shows

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By Robert IsenbergSpecial to MSN TVEverybody loves a good plot twist -- and these days more than ever. In our era of Christopher Nolan movies and J.J. Abrams TV shows, we have come to expect surprises that will flip our worlds upside down.And these twists aren't petty little shockers, like traitorous friends, secret identities or siblings separated at birth. Nowadays, episodes can be so complex that even their most ardent fans have no idea what's going on. Yet when they're good, these series will take us through a labyrinth of amnesia, time travel, portal-hopping and otherworldly shenanigans. We have literally no idea what will happen next -- or what's happening now, for that matter.Bing: More about 'Coma'In honor of the "Coma" miniseries, we bring you some of our recent mind-bending favorites."Coma" premiered Monday, Sept. 3, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on A&E.What mind-bending TV show is your favorite? Tell us on our MSN TV Facebook page.(A&E)
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