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TV Shows for TV Snobs

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10 series you 'should' be watchingBy Deanna BarnertSpecial to MSN TVSome TV series lure in fans with lowbrow appeal. Others set a higher standard, earning highbrow cred that often comes with Emmy love. Whether these series attack heady issues or make their mark by being unique to the landscape, they're the shows you think everyone should be watching with you ... or are embarrassed to admit you're not watching. Not embarrassed? The snobs will insist you just don't know what you're missing. MSN TV takes a look at the top 10 shows TV elitists can get behind. "Breaking Bad"Instead of bringing a classic anti-hero toward redemption, "Breaking Bad" has followed a high school chemistry teacher's descent into darkness as he's climbed the ranks of the drug game. Walter White has come a long way since he was hit by terminal cancer and decided to shore up his family's future by brewing and selling crystal meth, but it hasn't been for the better. Sidekick Jesse may just find that redemption, however, if he can survive his demented mentor. Lit with surprising laughs, surly cinematography and a taste for the unexpected, this New Mexico crime drama goes into the Emmys stronger than ever. With six Emmy wins since 2008, its 13 new nominations include Outstanding Drama and more love for Emmy favorite Bryan Cranston (Walt). Bing: 'Breaking Bad' | Watch clips and moreWhat series are you embarrassed to say you've never watched? Tell MSN TV on Facebook and Twitter.(AMC)
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