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TV's top serial killers

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Sketchy, deranged, terrifying -- and on the loose By Robert IsenbergSpecial to MSN TVWe all have guilty pleasures, but one is hardest to admit: our affection for serial killers. We don't "like" people who murder for pleasure, but we're fascinated by their cunning, their secrecy and their icy genius. We yearn to unlock their private traumas and tortured pasts. We are mesmerized by their elaborate cruelty. Like car accidents, serial killers are horrifying and awful, but we rubberneck all the same. This week, "Dexter" begins its final season, and millions of fans remember how much they love a man who slices cheeks, collects blood samples and stabs people in the chest with a giant knife. In recent years, serial killers have become a major fixture of crime TV, and no police procedural is complete without its ritual murder. In honor of Dexter and his outlaw-slaying exploits, we offer a roundup of TV's most memorable killers. Reader, beware: These are some seriously messed-up individuals, and this slideshow is replete with spoilers (anonymity is the serial killer's M.O., after all). But if you have a strong stomach, read on. Bing: More about Michael C. Hall | 'Dexter'Excited for the return of "Dexter"? Connect and sound off on Facebook and Twitter"Dexter" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.(Showtime)
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