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TV's Worst Actors

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William Shatner, "Boston Legal"When I was 8 years old, there was no better actor in the universe than William Shatner. It ... was ... magnificent ... how ... he ... could ... isolate ... thefirstwordsinasentenceandracethroughtherest. Then I grew up and realized that actors aren't supposed to call attention to their method; they're supposed to make you believe their characters are real. And ... I've ... never ... met ... anyone ... whotalkslikethisinreallife. Sometime during his rocket ride from career bottom ("Rescue 911") to self-aware hipness (his Priceline commercials), the 77-year-old learned to average out the lengths between memorized words. Maybe that's why Shatner now owns two Emmys for portraying Denny Crane, the egomaniacal veteran attorney struggling with shortcomings both in memory and ethics, on "The Practice" and "Boston Legal." Either that, or the Emmys are voted on by 8-year-olds.
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