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UCSB Shooting Survivor: Elliot Rodger Smiled as He Opened Fire


By Tim Molloy

Bianca de Kock, who was shot in Elliot Rodger's rampage at UC Santa Barbara but survived, says the killer smiled as he opened fire on her and two sorority sisters.

ABC News' interview with de Kock was the first with a survivor of the attacks, in which Rodger killed six people before shooting himself. De Kock was walking with two Tri Delta sisters last Friday when Rodger pulled up in his black BMW with a "smirky, grimacy smile."

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"He wanted to do this," she said. "He looked happy about it."

She was hit five times in the arm and chest. Freshman Veronika Weiss, 19, and Katie Cooper, 22, who was about to graduate with a degree in art history, were killed.

"They were both two very incredible, beautiful people. And that's how I want them remembered," de Kock said.

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As she lay on the grass, she called mother, Sharrese.

"I've been shot. I don't know what happened. It's crazy," she said. "But I love you. I love you so much … I'm afraid I'm gonna die," she said.

Kyle Sullivan was walking home when he heard the gunfire. He searched for a police officer to help, then stayed by de Kock's side, telling her she would be okay. De Kock credited him with saving her life.

"I don't think I would have made it without any support," she said.

De Kock's father told ABC News he was grateful his daughter survived, but angry.

"I'm angry that it's … it's not changing in this country. We need to change this violence," he said.

Sharrese de Kock is disappointed that Rodger eluded authorities.

"How did he slip through the cracks? It shouldn't happen," she said.

Video of the interview is available here.

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