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Undercover lovers? Rihanna and Chris Brown imply New Year's beddy-bye

By Kat Giantis Slide 1 of 12

Heavy sigh. Any hopes we harbored that old acquaintances of Rihanna's would be forgot in 2013 were dashed when she and Chris Brown shared complementary morning-after snaps on Jan. 1. On the heels of their "thug life" Christmas pose, the "Nobody's Business" pair dropped boulder-sized hints that they welcomed in the New Year together by offering up separate Instagram photos featuring the same polka-dotted comforter."Good morning! Still haven't slept lol #hello2013," enthused RiRi over a pic in which she peers out from under the patterned covers, the "love" tattoo on her hand clearly visible. A short time later, Breezy posted a photo titled "Mornings" that showed his sock-clad foot lolling next to a similar blanket, with an ostentatiously decorated room -- complete with gilded, throne-like chair -- in the background. Sure, they could be in different rooms with the same bedding, but what would be the fun in Instagramming that back-to-back? Also, the fact that we are discussing Brown's socks has convinced us that 2013 has nowhere to go but up.Meanwhile, in more dubious news, the London Daily Mirror claims the dysfunctional duo made a mint by headlining an "intimate" New Year's Eve gig on the Ivory Coast for an African billionaire.The tab alleges they pocketed nearly $10 million for the private performance, then immediately jetted to St. Barts for a second New Year's celebration with pals on a yacht.Why not begin 2013 with some judgmental headshaking by clicking on for more photos of Rihanna and Chris?
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