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We've Got a Bad Feeling About This:Jessica Simpson has called out two different men as her "soulmate." The first was husband Nick Lachey -- and we all know how that turned out. More recently, she used the schmoopy word to describe her relationship with her joined-at-the-hip hair stylist Ken Paves. Jess, honey, we're starting to think "soulmate" might not mean what you think it means. No one who truly cares about you would let you strike a pose at the MTV Movie Awards modeling tragic, two-tone tresses last seen framing the fuzzy face of Chewbacca. Unfortunately, Simpson's guffaw-inducing coif is only part of the problem. Her geometric Gucci mini-dress with handy handcuff belt not only fails to take flight off the runway but it creates an unflattering abyss where her cleavage should be. Seems Jessica's father-manager-overlord-and-creepily-youthful-date-for-the-evening Joe Simpson was wrong when he crowed about her "double D's." Turns out you can, in fact, cover those suckers up. But, as evidenced here, you probably shouldn't.
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