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Double Trouble:Math was never our strong suit, but we count two very pronounced problems with Nicollette Sheridan in this picture. We are, of course, referring to her psychedelic strapless flop of a watermelon-tinted frock (oooh, the colors, man, the colors) and her dangerously pointy matching shoes, which should immediately be returned to the cross-dressing leprechaun from whom they were stolen. What, you thought we were going to mention a different pair of problems, perhaps calling attention to the fact that Nicollette seems to be smuggling both Bruce Willis and Michael Chiklis under her barely there bodice? Give us a little credit, people. The "Desperate Housewives" man-eater more than lives up to her title as Mr. Blackwell's worst-dressed celebrity in this dress apparently styled from rhinestones and some melted Starburst. Too bad there weren't a few more of the fruit chews in the pack to cover up erstwhile Edie's humongous, uh, heart.
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