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Denyin', the Witch and the Wardrobe: There are many things a 17-year-old girl should revel in, like wrinkle-free skin, a fast metabolism, first kisses and a friendly relationship with gravity. But Chanel haute couture? Not so much. For a London charity event, Emma Watson trades her Hogwarts' robes for a far too sophisticated high-fashion frock that's straight off the runway. And by "the runway," we mean that long stretch of asphalt at the airport, and by "straight off," we mean someone used a spatula to scrape up an engine-sucked family of geese and a cargo-hold-crushed box of Christmas tinsel to create this holiday-themed horror. On the plus side, the freckle-faced "Harry Potter" star looks refreshingly age-appropriate in magically sheer pink-toned face paint and tendril-accented tresses. (Mark Stewart/Camera Press/Retna Ltd.)
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