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Pieces of Ashlee: Did Ashlee Simpson take a wrong turn on her way to meet Twiggy in swinging '60s London and end up Down Under? The skinny-legged singer is an aquamarine mishmash as she hits the MTV Australia Video Music Awards in a far-more-flawed-than-mod minidress seemingly stitched together using Goldie Hawn's psychedelic getups from "Laugh-In," Dorothy Hamill's old skating outfits and a few crepe paper streamers left over from St. Patrick's Day. The result is a Franken-frock so frightening even Molly Ringwald's patchwork "Pretty in Pink" alter ego would say, "Honey, just buy something brand new." Adding to the warbler's woes is her equally cobbled-together, Jessica-like coif, which appears to be crammed with every single shade of blond extension available from her big sister's new faux tress collection. (Photo by Michael Caulfield/
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