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The Thin, Skewed Line: These days, Kate Bosworth needs the slimming power of stripes like Mel Gibson needs a case of Manischewitz wine. Yet, here she is, stumping for "Superman Returns" in Tokyo while seemingly buckling under the weight of this wrinkled blob of a Stella McCartney dress with sporty lines down the front -- lines we fear form an actual outline of the cadaverous figure beneath them. So much has been said of Kate's clarinet-like shape that one more call for her to shove some sort of calorie-laden product down her gullet (heck, we'd settle for strawberry-flavored lip balm inadvertently passed from the pretty lips of beau Orlando Bloom) seems like overkill. Instead, we're going to make an appeal using something that she actually likes: her couture. Kate, honey, no matter what you think, bonier isn't always better when it comes to the latest runway looks, and -- listen closely now -- the dresses don't actually have to look the same on the hanger as they do on you. Honest.
© Yuriko Nakao/Reuters
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