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Avril Light and Dark: Avril Lavigne appears to be in the grips of an identity crisis. In the span of two days, she went from a wanna-be punk princess version of Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink" to one of Peter Pan's lesser-known Lost Skater Boys. Actually, this deliberate dichotomy reminds us of a hit Avril ditty. Let's see, how does it go again? "Why'd you have to go and make dressing so complicated? I see the way you're spackling on eyeshadow like you're somebody else (like a Divine impersonator). Gets me frustrated." And you know what else? "You come over to the Grammys and you mispronounce" -- remember when she rhymed David Bowie with "Howie"? -- "Dressed up in weird scarves and Marshmallow Peep hair and combat boots like you're something else." OK, Avril, it's all you -- bring it home: "Where you are and where it's at you see, you're making me laugh out when you strike a pose ... You know you're not foolin' anyone, when you become somebody else." Yeah, that about sums it up. (Theo Wargo, Gregg DeGuire/ board: Post a comment about Undressed!
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