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Out of Tunic: Oh, Sandra Bullock. Where do we begin? You know we think you're just adorable, really we do. But come on, did you really think it was a good idea to wear one of Andre the Giant's custom-made tunics from "The Princess Bride" to the MTV Movie Awards? And pair it with Mini-Me's jeans? And style locks so dull and listless they could bring Tom Cruise down off his love high? We realize it must be a wee bit stressful for Sandy, at 40, to attend a high-profile ceremony crammed with nubile teen queens (not to mention her dewy ex-boyfriend, Ryan Gosling). But that's all the more reason why she should take a fashion risk and show off her fabulous face and figure, not hide them beneath ho-hum hair and so many yards of unstructured fabric that Boy Scouts could set up camp under her.
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