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Yuck a l'Orange: It's bad enough that Tom Cruise recently made Katie Holmes go ice-skating in the sleet and rain to celebrate her birthday. Now it appears he's pushing her to participate in another pregnancy-unfriendly pastime: hunting. The future Mrs. Cruise No. 3 steps out in Manhattan sporting an orange coat so bright it will not only stand out in the forest but also will allow Scientology-crowned galactic overlord Xenu to zero in on her from space. Katie's radioactive, robe-like raiment, which appears to be made from hundreds of unwanted Tickle-Me-Elmo dolls, has another built-in bonus: It's the perfect camouflage should she get a salt craving and decide to shove an entire bag of Cheetos down her throat. The telltale dust will disappear into the fabric and no one (and by "no one," we mean Tom) will be the wiser. The erstwhile actress fares slightly better with her accessories, prudently hiding her now cold, dead eyes beneath a pair of stylish shades.
© Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images
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