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Wigging Out: Make no mistake. We adore Dolly Parton. She's proudly turned looking cheap and tacky into an art form. That said, neither "cheap" nor "tacky" wants their good name sullied through association with the kooky costume the hypermammiferous icon sports at the "9 to 5" DVD launch. Dolly skips right over kitschy and dives straight into craptacular by pairing Hobbit-sized, glitter-adorned pants and a matching super-reinforced vest-shirt with the always deadly combo of opaque panty hose and open-toe shoes. But her white fright of an ensemble pales in comparison to what lies above: an electrified tress tragedy of such epic proportions that it should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone considering using a Flowbee while sitting in the tub. (Photo by Steve Granitz/
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