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Kooks of Hazzard: Have those nasty rumors about the state of her union finally pushed Jessica Simpson over the edge? Is that why she's nixed her usual designer duds in favor of dressing up like Barn Dance Barbie? Mrs. Nick Lachey two-steps into tragedy with this cap-sleeved calamity seemingly covered with an unappetizing mix of dried ketchup and wet cement. Even worse, her cleavage-hoisting bodice uncomfortably reminds us of that squicky declaration made by her dad, Joe Simpson ("She's got double D's! You can't cover those suckers up!"), while her clunky cowboy boots make us wonder whether she's having trouble letting go of her role as Daisy Duke. Jessica tops off this country-fried fiasco with a dated, distended curly coif that would have even Dolly Parton advising, "Honey, ease up on the Aquanet."
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