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Sheet Happens:Angelina Jolie may or may not be eating for three, but Brad Pitt is already doting on her twins, which appear hoisted and heaving as she strolls down the red carpet at the SAG Awards. With her lit-from-within glow and lustrous, flowing locks, the sublime and serene megastar looks every inch the earth mother, at least from the cleavage up. But dip below Brad's chin-scruff-obscured sight line and Angelina is less maternal life force and more muumuu-bedecked Nana who just spent a long day pulling weeds in the garden. While many have speculated the magnetic mommy of four chose this vintage Hermès wigwam in order to camouflage the genetically blessed, Brad-shaped bun(s) in her oven or toy with the womb-watching rumor mill (or both), we think it's actually a subtle salute to her youngest tot. Why? Look closely, and you'll see the wrinkled, colossal caftan is made up entirely of colors typically found in one of Shiloh's discarded Huggies. (Jeffrey Mayer/
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