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Armed and Dangerous: As divorce rumors hit a fever pitch, Madonna and Guy Ritchie make a very public show of togetherness by stepping out in New York. And rather than going the predictable route by choosing a photo op outfit that's merely pretty, or polished, or even just passable, the makeup-free, lethargically maned Big M instead slips on duds that double as a metaphor for the breakup drama. Her satin boxing bloomers are fair warning that she'll float like a butterfly and sting like a bee if anyone questions her commitment, while her casual, short-sleeved black shirt highlights the tabloid-ripping abilities of her Popeye-after-a-can-of-spinach arms. Meanwhile, that plastic, suitcase-sized purse is a sign that Madonna isn't about to send Guy packing, and her knee-length, circulation-boosting support hose show that the rumor-battered couple not only continues to bolster each other, but they can still get each other's blood pumping.
© Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic/Getty Images
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