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A Little Drab Will Do Ya: We have nothing against beige, per se. After all, hospital and prison walls just wouldn't be the same without it. And chicken fried steak slathered with artery-hardening gravy? Not nearly as appetizing in any other hue. That said, such a commonplace color has no business on a singular looker like Jennifer Connelly, who can't overcome the institutionalized dreariness of her couture no matter how wide she smiles under those spectacularly bushy brows. The weedy Oscar winner compounds her problems with an awkward cutout bodice that appears to have been fastened with a hard yank, a sharp intake of breath and a pair of pliers. Then there's her "Heidi" hairdo, which unfortunately mimics the braid pattern in her gold platforms, a matchy-matchy misstep that fails to turn her into a fashion -- yikes, bad pun ahead -- plait. (Reuters)
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