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Lunatic Fringe: Mischa Barton's thighs have had a traumatic time of late. Now, in what appears to be an overreaction to being mercilessly analyzed for traces of cellulite by the tabloids, they're being disguised in costumes typically found on members of an elementary school drama club. On the left, the underemployed starlet is ready to reenact the story of the first Thanksgiving in made-for-mocking fringed moccasins and embroidered, my-parents-went-to-a-casino-and-all-I-got-was-this-lousy miniskirt, while her raisin-smuggling, cleavage-obscuring plain white T-shirt seems tailor-made for a starring role in Judy Blume's puberty bible, "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret." Mischa continues the preteen theme as she wedges her beleaguered gams into anatomically incorrect tights and booties from "Peter Pan," which she pairs with a tasseled lace top that was minding its own business with the rest of Grandma's doilies before a Bedazzler-wielding home ec teacher got hold of it. (, Retna)
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