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Vacation fights and final words: Haylor and Jelena's strangely similar splits

By Kat Giantis Slide 1 of 25

For young celebrity couples, it's not enough simply to break up. Ideally, the split should take place in an exotic locale and be accompanied by truckloads of drama. It's a script that was apparently followed by BFFs Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez as they parted ways in recent days with Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, respectively. Let's start with Taylor and Harry, who are rumored to have stuck a fork in their two-month romance after an explosive argument during a post-New Year's getaway to the British Virgin Islands. According to Us Weekly, the floppy-haired One Direction singer, 18, "said something he shouldn't have" to the confessional chart-topper, 23. (Imagined barb: "I expect half the royalties when you turn this spat into a No. 1 song.")"Harry was fuming as the row with Taylor got really bitter," a source explains to the London Sun, "and a lot of things were said that they both didn't mean."The British tabloid blames their busy careers for the bust-up, with Styles supposedly suggesting Swift try harder to make things work. Her alleged response, which we urge you to take with a boulder-sized grain of salt, was that "he was lucky to be with her.""There were also problems over commitment," maintains an insider. "Harry wasn't committed enough for her liking."It seems differing degrees of passion may have played a role, too. Keep reading for much more ...
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