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'Veep' star Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes trouble with Joe Biden

6/17/2014 Miriam Coleman, Rolling Stone
'Veep' star Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes trouble with Joe Biden © AP / Julia Louis-Dreyfus 'Veep' star Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes trouble with Joe Biden

By Miriam Coleman
Rolling Stone

Before President Obama's speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday Night, the program featured a political cameo-filled video that saw Julia Louis-Dreyfus in character as "Veep" character Selina Meyer teaming up with the real Vice President Joe Biden to make a little trouble around the capital while ditching the annual gala.

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The 7-minute short begins with Selina sitting idly in her office before Joe Biden picks her up in his bright yellow Corvette. "No I'm not going, man," he tells her when she asks if he's going to the "snorespondents" event. "I've been there once. It's a bunch of politicians trying to explain politics to Hollywood."

Biden sneaks her into the Oval Office and the White House kitchen, where they get reprimanded by Michelle Obama for eating ice cream. They then head to "the real seat of power" to hijack The Washington Post's headlines before winding down their adventures at a tattoo parlor, where they run into Nancy Pelosi. "You know the difference between a tattoo and the Koch brothers?" Pelosi asks them. "They're both painful, but you can get rid of a tattoo."

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At the end of the night, Selina makes a call to House Speaker John Boehner to ask if he's going to the dinner. After telling her that he's got more important things going on at the Capitol, he goes back to watching a video of a Panda munching on some bamboo.

The clip packs in a couple references to other TV shows, including a nod to "The West Wing" over the buckets of ice cream and a "House of Cards"-style address to the camera. ("Yes, we can all look directly into the camera, Kevin," Louis-Dreyfus says, mimicking Kevin Spacey's Foghorn Leghorn accent. "The point is, you're not supposed to.")

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