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Victoria's other secret: Justin Bieber may want to be touched by an angel

By Kat Giantis Slide 1 of 15

In today's pearl-clutching news: When confronted with an army of Amazonian women in their underwear, a pampered, 18-year-old man-boy supposedly hit on them and tried to score their digits. That's according to the New York Post, which claims Justin Bieber "tried very hard" to work his magic on the statuesque Angels strutting in the Victoria's Secret fashion show on Wednesday. The Selena Gomez-dating popster performed at the lingerie parade, and he "was hitting on the girls all day," alleges an eyewitness. "He was asking for their numbers."But we figure this was more like a dog chasing a car: If it actually caught one, it wouldn't know what to do with it. Chances are, if this story is true, the Biebs just wanted bragging rights that come with a contact list full of leggy ladies.As an added bonus, he also has photographic proof of his very good day. In addition to the picture at left with puckered-up blondes Candice Swanepoel and Lindsay Ellingson, Justin made contact with British model Cara Delevingne, who was last linked to One Direction's Harry Styles.She tweeted a photo showing her posing with her arms around a shell-shocked-looking Bieber ("So sweet," she enthused). And during the afterparty, she was spied making her way over to his table for a tête-à-tête, "maneuvering over a banquette in a sexy, short and tight black dress," says the Post.While Bieber was gorging on beautiful women, Gomez was hard at work on the "Wizards of Waverly Place" reunion. Of course, the British tabloids couldn't help but wonder if she was experiencing "trouble in paradise" with Bieber after she was photographed on the set bonding with her co-star, Gregg Sulkin. Alternative theory: They were acting.Anyhoodie, for more of Justin ogling women who are far too tall for him to woo without a ladder, click on …
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