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Watching dead

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The best movies to watch if you love zombiesBy David WalkerSpecial to MSN MoviesThere was a time when no respectable zombie movie would find a place in mainstream cinema. A beloved genre for horror fans, zombie flicks existed on the fringes of film as little more than B-movie creature features, relegated to drive-in theaters, late-night television and the direct-to-video shelf of neighborhood video stores. But all of that has changed over the years, and the walking dead have shambled into every facet of popular culture. Director Jonathan Levine's "Warm Bodies" is the most recent entry in the zombie apocalypse genre, which came to life in 1968 with "Night of the Living Dead." A romantic comedy set against the backdrop of the apocalypse of the living dead and told from the point of view of a zombie who falls in love with a living girl, "Warm Bodies" promises to leave teen girls swooning over a walking corpse. Bing: More about 'Warm Bodies' | More about 'World War Z'"Warm Bodies" leads the way in 2013, which also sees the release of the much-hyped "World War Z," another season of "The Walking Dead" and more direct-to-video zombie movies than most people could ever hope to watch. Whether "Warm Bodies" will have the enduring appeal of other classic zombie movies remains to be seen. For now, here is a look at some of the best zombie films of all time.Video: Watch the trailer for 'Warm Bodies'What's your favorite zombies movie? Tell us on our MSN Movies Facebook and Twitter pages.(Summit Entertainment)
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