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WATN: 'Sleepless in Seattle'

By Katie Mathewson Slide 1 of 18

It's already been 20 years since "Sleepless in Seattle" premiered and won our hearts the way that Sam Baldwin did when he spoke on the radio. This beloved romantic comedy -- inspired by 1957 film "An Affair to Remember" -- was the second of three flicks to pair Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. You may know what they've been up to, but what about their "Sleepless" co-stars?RELATED:WATN: '80s TV starsTom Hanks plays architect Sam Baldwin, a loving husband who moves with his son to Seattle after losing wife and mother Maggie. The actor had already made some amazing '80s films like "Splash" and "Big," so it's not hard to see why he won the role over Dennis Quaid. Interesting tidbit -- Tom only shared two minutes of screen time with Meg's character Annie.
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