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Who Wore It Better?

By Stacie Anthony Slide 1 of 27

Have you ever showed up to a party wearing the exact same ensemble as another guest? Panic sets in. You scramble to change up your outfit. And after you've rolled up your jeans, flipped around your top and used your shoelaces as a belt -- you step out hoping that no one noticed your fashion flub. Now imagine you're a celeb. As soon as you step out donning the same duds as another star, you're instantly put on blast. And just for fun we're adding insult to injury by asking you to vote to see who wore it better … Not only did Jennifer Lawrence and Jada Pinkett Smith wear the same backless Tom Ford dress this year, they both perfected the over-the-shoulder booty pose. While the "Hunger Games" heroine zipped up in a black dress with gold stacked heels, Jada dared to bare more in a white version with matching lace-up heels.
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