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Who's who in 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

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Helping you sort out all the characters in the movieBy Myriam Gabriel-PollockSpecial to MSN MoviesIf you've finally realized that "geek" is synonymous with über-awesomeness, then you'll need our guide on who's who in "Star Trek Into Darkness." It's never too late to jump onto the "Star Trek" bandwagon. New fans are always welcome! Trekkies were understandably skeptical when word got out that director J.J. Abrams was doing a major film reboot of their revered TOS ("The Original Series"). New actors playing the beloved characters in an alternate reality with a completely different historical setting and an entirely new chain of events taking place? Mind-blowing. It wasn't hard to remain unconvinced that this was really going to work.Bing: More about 'Star Trek Into Darkness' | Related: What we're looking forward to in 'Into Darkness'But it did, and spectacularly so: The 95 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer does not lie. "Star Trek" (2009) not only surpassed Trekkies' expectations, it brought in a new generation of Trekkies, as well as hoards of moviegoers who just enjoyed a great story within a well-crafted, highly entertaining blockbuster. Only someone with Abrams' talent could keep iconic details intact while weaving new story lines into the canon. "Star Trek Into Darkness," which opens May 16 (May 15 if you want to see it in IMAX), looks to bring us deeper into the world of Starfleet and Earth in the 23rd century. If you are very new to the "Star Trek" universe, seeing the 2009 film first is a must. You'll get to know how the Enterprise crew came to be, what the Federation is, and gain some understanding of Vulcans. Then read our who's who guide for more nitty-gritty on the old and new characters in "Star Trek 2" so you can finally be cool enough join the "Star Trek" conversations. If you want to go hard-core and be a true Trekkie, then you've got a serious backlog of "Star Trek" to catch up on, because this is a franchise that goes back to 1966 and spans TV, film, novels, games and comic books. Who are you excited to see in 'Into Darkness'? Tell us on ourFacebook page.(Paramount Pictures)
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