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Whose Voice Is That? Unexpected Celebrity Voices in Animated Movies

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By Daynah Burnett for MSN MoviesEven though stars have lent their voices to films for decades, it's said that the current phenomenon of celebrity voice-overs in animated films can be traced back to a single 1992 Disney movie, and one unforgettably manic character voiced by this actor. Hard to disagree! It seems like now the entire cast of the latest Pixar or Dreamworks film can read like a who's who of Hollywood, usually with award-winning actors or raunchy comics lending their voices to goofy characters aimed at kids. This summer's "Monsters University" (watch the trailer) features the voice of this Oscar-winning actress, and look no further than "Despicable Me 2" (see the trailer), for the voice talents from stars you'd never expect in a family-friendly movie (like this guy). Check out our list of surprising A-list voice-overs and see if you can recall which animated films featured their celebrity voices.
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