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Why the NBA Finals Are So Long


By Tony Maglio

The NBA Playoffs are long, some fans may say, too long. But the league and the networks which host its most important games believe its just right.

And why wouldn't they? There are ad dollars and ratings on the line.

The first round of the National Basketball Association's postseason tipped-off on Saturday. The NBA Finals could last as late in the year as June 18 — three months from the first game.

Eight teams from each conference — Eastern and Western — make the NBA postseason. That's a lot, especially when one considers that each of the four rounds are best of seven series. There are 30 teams in the NBA.

In the NFL, six teams (out of a total of 32) from each conference make the playoffs. But since football games are one-and-done events, there are far fewer games.

In Major League Baseball, five teams (from a total pool of 30) from each league make the playoffs, though one of those will fall off after losing a one-game Wildcard round.

The National Hockey League (30 teams) has essentially the exact same format as the NBA.

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