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Year in Undressed!

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Grievous and Butt-Head: It's reached a point where poking fun at Mary-Kate Olsen's fashion choices is a little like taking candy from a really badly dressed baby. But, much like Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction," some things simply cannot be ignored, including the velvet atrocity snaking across the sinister-eyed starlet's forehead. Granted, it's a designer atrocity (you'll pay for this, Marc Jacobs), and yes, this is how it was worn on the runway, but unless M-K has suffered a severe head injury or is giving an '80s shout-out to the well-oiled, loin-clothed work of John Travolta in "Staying Alive" or the Lycra-encased, big-lunged belting of Pat Benatar on "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," it's gotta go. Too bad her head-trip continues below the neck as she shuffles along in her nana's psychedelic muumuu. Not only could this tented tragedy easily provide shelter for sister Ashley, Uncle Jesse, his mullet and the rest of the cast of "Full House," but if you squint hard enough at the macramé-meets-Magic Eye pattern, you can see the image of an angry Bea Arthur demanding her trademark look back. (Dimitrios Kambouris/
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