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Young idols all grown up

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A look at the burnouts and the survivorsBy Martha BrockenbroughSpecial to MSN MusicAnyone who's ever been young knows that teens often -- but not always -- do dumb things. They drive too fast. They experiment with mind-altering substances. They get overly invested in doomed relationships.When you add extraordinary talent, fame and wealth to the mix, ordinary teen stupidity has a chance to become epic. Not only are these rich and famous kids more likely to believe in their own invincibility, they have people invested in enabling the ensuing self-destructive behavior. Bing: More about teen idols | More about Taylor SwiftClick on for some of those sad tales, along with the stories of kids who spent time on top of the world and didn't end up in a crumpled heap on the bottom. Here's a look at some famous idols, what they survived and where they are today.Who is your favorite teen idol who grew up gracefully? Who is your favorite teen idol train wreck? Tell us on our MSN Music Facebook and Twitter pages.(Curb Records/Big Machine Records/Disney Channel/AP/AP)
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