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11 shows guys still watch when women aren't lookingBy Kenny Herzog Special to MSN TVWe are very much in the early stages of a post-gender era of television. Ladies dig the muscular tension of "Breaking Bad," dudes unabashedly binge on Emily Thorne's ongoing pursuit of "Revenge," and even NFL Sundays have become a more integrated experience. Not to mention, broader cultural definitions of masculine and feminine are constantly evolving. Still, as folks say, stereotypes exist for a reason, and nowhere are they better mirrored than on the small screen, where networks are thrilled to exploit any demographic advantage. For all our changing attitudes and tastes, there remain myriad series that explicitly target -- and ensnare -- literal and figurative 18 to 34-year-old American males chugging beer while making fart jokes on their couch. And thanks to DVR and On Demand, the prototypical man's man or slacker's slacker can wait dutifully until their partner retires for the night and cue up a marathon of aggressively guy-oriented entertainment without interruption. So, without further, "Is that a government-issued 9mm in your 1972 Mustang, or are you just mildly irascible to see me?" here are 11 shows that even your soap-loving boyfriend is probably sneaking in after dark. Bing:More about Daniel Tosh | 'Tosh.0'What's your favorite TV show for guys? Connect and sound off on Facebook and Twitter"Tosh.0" returns with new episodes Tuesday, Feb. 5, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.(Comedy Central)
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