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John Swan Drops Google Doc on DREAM! (Full Audiobook)

Streaming Channel Twitter - Discord - StoryFire - Patreon - Paypal - Second Channel - Gaming Channel - Merch - DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this channel is to report the news and provide commentary regarding trending topics as well as provide constructive criticism about some of the parties involved in situations reported on this channel. It is not the intent of this channel to incite harassment of any kind, nor do I condone that kind of behavior. If you are a viewer of this content, please do not engage in any forms of targeted harassment against any of the individuals that may be discussed at any given time on this channel. 0:00 Tweets before the doc 1:26 Doc start 2:22 Responding to Dream's Twitter/Reddit Posts 6:42 Responding to Dream's Twitch Stream 7:28 LtCobra DMs 11:51 Yup & Exposed 13:22 Kid Knowing YouTube TOS 14:42 Party & Mate 15:41 Nicholas DeOrio 17:24 Password Reset 18:51 Cousin, Sister or Friend? 19:22 Nicholas DeOrio Part 2 20:23 Harely's Creditability 21:41 "3 Day" Discord Break 22:31 Not Going on DramaAlert 23:23 Conclusion
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