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The Talk - David Boreanaz on 'Seal Team' Premiere and 'emotional' Canine Scenes

David Boreanaz teases directing part one of the "Seal Team" two hour season premiere and intense scenes with dog, Dita [plays Cerberus]. "It was a lot of trust exercises and dealing with Dita...I found it very emotional. When we shot that last day, we had a six-hour window before the snowstorm kicked in, and it was me and Jimmy Muro [DP] with the camera...he said we just get rid of everybody around, the crew, we keep it quiet and I just took Dita and we went on this path for about eight scenes that were set up in different locations around in the snow and I carried her, and I talked to her in between the takes and the scenes and kept her close to me...She was great, and obviously she stole the show as she always does." On what is to come this season, he reveals, "We'll see if he does make it off that mountain top, if Cerberus makes it off that mountain top, if somebody else retires by the end of the second part of the episode, where Jason Hayes ends up, where does he go, what is life like in the real world for him, if he does decide to make that move."
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