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The Talk - Gayle King Says It's 'daunting' Being Single During Quarantine

"CBS This Morning" anchor Gayle King discusses being single and quarantined. "It's true, I'm single. And honest to God guys, I have never minded being single because my life is so full. I get to go to a lot of stuff. I know a lot of great people. So, I've never minded, but this is something... But now that this is it, it feels very, very daunting and actually very, very scary to me. Because I just think, there's no end in sight. That's what's so troubling about this." King adds about her adult children being in Los Angeles, "Just the thought that I don't even know when I will see them in person is upsetting. I don't know when Oprah and I will be able to visit is upsetting. So, all the people that I really cherish the most, I don't know when that is going to be. That said, you know I sit here and knock on wood, healthy...people are dealing with a whole lot worse, and I don't minimize that."
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