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Big old lion has satisfying scratch after a big meal

This male lion is the undisputed king of his pride. He's the alpha male on this African plain and he enjoys the rights to mate with the lionesses in the pride and he eats first when there is a successful hunt. He's just finished a big meal and his stomach is full. He's now getting sleepy and it's time for him to have a snooze. Lions spend a lot of their day sleeping. They are daytime hunters, only hunting at night if they feel pressured due to lack of food. Skilled hunters, they are capable of working together to take down prey with ease under normal circumstances. They share their kill, making sure that the whole pride stays healthy and strong. Lions are the biggest of the cats, with the exception of the tiger. Only the male lion has the large mane that makes it instantly recognizable. The mane grows in the presence of testosterone. Recently, reports have been received of lionesses in northern Botswana that have grown manes due to their increased testosterone levels.
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