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Daring housefly confronts ferocious yellowjacket wasp for cola spill

Yellowjacket wasps are ferocious insects with a well deserved reputation for being creatures to avoid. They deliver an extremely painful sting and they are capable of stinging repeatedly. They have powerful mandibles for battling and chewing other insects. They also have proboscis for sipping nectar and other liquids. Yellowjacket wasps are so feared in the insect world that many flies and bees mimic the yellowjacket for protection. This housefly knows the yellowjacket is a large and formidable predator, but it faces off against the wasp in an attempt to bully it away from the cola spill that he found first. The fly is outmatched. It has no sting and no ability to bite the wasp. It is less than half the size of the wasp. Yet, it stands up to the wasp like a true champ. As the two sip on opposites sides of the soda puddle, all seems friendly at first. But the fly suddenly buzzes in a bluff that makes it appear that he's taking off. The wasp startles and takes off first. Both fly off to the left but the wasp returns immediately. She drinks greedily for a few seconds before the fly returns and takes a spot across the spill. The wasp watches warily and the fly makes an unbelievably gutsy approach. It raises a front leg in an attempt to intimidate the wasp. The wasp will have none of it, and she lifts off toward the fly, buzzing angrily. She returns to the cola, more interested in the sugar than the fight. The wasp disappears and the fly moves back in for the prize. Houseflies have hundreds of eyes and unmatched reflexes. As the wasp swoops in, the fly makes a quick getaway. The wasp takes up a position and drinks away in peace. The fly, thinking wisely doesn't return to challenge the wasp. Few insects would have the nerve to challenge a yellowjacket wasp. It is surprising to see a meagre housefly do so in such a brazen and fearless way.
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