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Dogs are super excited as owner opens Champagne

"Did you know that not only French people, but also many dogs cherish Champagne? Take this doggo for example, he is so excited to open a bottle of Champagne! Hilarious, right? Along with his French poodle friend, they make a perfect bottle opening couple. Does your dog have strange habits that you just can't explain? Well, join the club! Everyone have experienced weird stuff with their pets, but this pooch? His performance is so next level! Dog owners can ease off now, because Dog Perignon has been invented and it doesn't contain any alcohol that can harm your pet. So feel free to splurge on your dog with this paw pleaser. The owner of these two lovely canines is having a hard time opening a bottle of Champagne. One of them fellas is barking and jumping all around him and he actually succeeds in taking out the cork. Can you believe that? A perfect Champagne Dog-Opener!"
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