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Police scramble to capture wild boar

Man rescues sparrow stuck on frozen pipe

A heartwarming video has emerged of a man helping out a sparrow after its wet feet froze onto a water tank pipe. The footage, shot on Sunday in Idaho, USA, shows the man pressing his palm against the bird's feet to free it from the ice before blowing on them. "It is not uncommon for birds to drink from the heated tank," the filmer wrote online. "Apparently this unfortunate bird had gotten its feet wet and, while making its exit, had become frozen to the fence in the prevailing near zero Idaho temperatures." "First, I attempted to warm the feet of the frightened bird by pressing my palm against both the fence and the birds feet, while also gently restraining the bird's flapping wings," he added. "It then seemed that warming the birds feet with my warm breath would bring quicker success." "Gentle sideways motion with my thumb brought freedom for the frightened bird and a smile of satisfaction to my face... a delightful way to start a new year."
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