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Grumpy elephant chases antelopes away from watering hole

A grumpy elephant chased antelopes away from a watering hole in Kruger National Park, South Africa, on August 16. “A small herd of very thirsty antelopes named kudu joined a herd of elephants around this watering hole,” the filmer said. “It was clear that one male elephant did not seem happy.” “He decided to show off his size with intimidating behavior,” the filmer continued. “The elephant approached the antelope with his head shaking and ears spread out. The cheeky elephant wanted to show who is boss of this watering hole.” “At first, the kudu antelope looked confused by the audacity of the elephant wanting to deny them a drink of water,” the filmer said. “A few kudu were so thirsty that they fearlessly continued drinking, ignoring the oncoming threat.” “With the elephant’s persistent intimidating behavior, the kudu eventually realized that it was better to move away,” the filmer said.
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