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Baby bears honk for help after getting locked inside a van

A home security service man was in for an ursine surprise when he left a customer’s home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to find two bear cubs had trapped themselves in his van. Jeff Stokely had heard the insistent honking of a car horn from inside the home, so he expected to find that his van was blocking another motorist’s way. Instead, he found two bear cubs trapped inside his van and pressing on the horn. Stokely told Storyful, “They had opened the door and climbed in and closed the door and locked it with my key inside. I had to call my office to get the keypad door code to unlock it and let them out.” In this video, Stokely views the events alongside the homeowners – who, he said, were “amused and excited” by the event. He tells the impatient bear cubs, “I’m gonna get you out!” as they paw the van doors from the inside. When Stokely opens the back doors, they run away into a wooded area, before “disappearing.” Stokely and the homeowners were concerned about the possible hidden presence of a mother bear nearby – who, as Stokely says in the video, “could come running out from somewhere” to protect her cubs. Stokely told Storyful, however, that he “never saw mama bear anywhere.” Credit: Jeff Stokely via Storyful
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