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Kangaroo Joey With Injured Tail Reunited With Mother

A kangaroo joey with an injured tail was reunited with her mother at a wildlife sanctuary in New South Wales on September 19. Kerrie Carroll, from Lucky Stars Wildlife Sanctuary, told Storyful that the mother, Liddy, came to the sanctuary as a joey and was released into the wild in August 2019. Liddy recently hobbled back into the sanctuary, injured and with a joey of her own. After assessment and X-rays, Liddy was found to have a tear near her hip joint. The vet decided to check the joey kangaroo as a precaution, and found her tail had a fracture. The sanctuary named the joey Leah. After she’d received treatment for her injury, the sanctuary posted video on September 19 of Leah emerging from a blanket with a bandaged tail, before hopping towards her mother and bundling into her cozy pouch. On the mother returning the sanctuary, Carrol said, “She trusted us and came home when injured. Kangaroos will often find their way home when injured or to show us their new joey additions.” Both Liddy and Leah continue to receive treatment and rehabilitation at the sanctuary. Credit: Kerrie Carroll via Storyful
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