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What Puppy? Sleepy Cat Ignores Canine Friend Pawing Her Face During Nap

A cat in upstate New York showed an ironclad determination to nap recently, continuing to doze even as her owner’s new dog pawed expectantly at her face. In footage captured by their owner, Kendall Johnson, on September 4, young pooch Phoebe can be seen nudging and pawing at Millie the cat’s mouth as she tries to snooze at their home in Schodack, New York. “I took my sleepy puppy on the bed with me, and soon after Millie came and laid down next to her,” Johnson told Storyful. “Five minutes later, Phoebe starts to wake up and realizes her new sister is next to her and tries to wake her up to play,” she added. “Millie didn’t want any part of that during her nap.” Credit: Kendall Johnson via Storyful
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