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Surprise! A ram jumps on top of the family car

Have you ever been on a drive-through safari? If you haven't you should definitely give it shot! It’s such a cool experience! However, when going on a drive-through safari, you have to take into account that the strangest things can happen there! Let’s take the experience of these two women as an example! If you are in the mood for a good laugh, you’ll appreciate this video. Prepare to have your mind blown! As the clip begins, you can see two women in a car on a drive through safari. They were checking out rams when something hilarious happened. One of the animals jumped on the car and got stuck on it. LOL! And you have to check out the women’s reaction! Too close for comfort! One of the women’s biggest concern is the fact that her car insurance doesn't cover ram damage. LOL! They try to make it jump off the car, but everything that they try ends as a fail. In the end, the ram gets bored and walks away. Absolutely hilarious!
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