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Future CEO baby steals money from her mom

This clip will blow your mind! The star of the video is a baby girl who is running away from her mom as fast as she can. Why is she on the run, you may wonder? If you look closely, you’ll see that she’s got at least a dozen dollar bills in her hands! OMG! She stole money from her mom’s purse! Those are not exactly good manners, young lady! Oh, how precious is she? It doesn’t matter how many times mom asks her to stop and hand the money back to her! This cute little thief keep running for her life! LOL! And she is restless! You can tell that she’s aware of the fact that she’s in trouble, but that still doesn’t mean that she is willing to turn herself in! Watch out, baby girl, mom’s getting angrier and angrier! You can run, but you cannot hide! How adorable is this baby thief? Too cute to handle!
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